Our Subscription Plans

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee - we'll refund your purchase if you're unsatisfied for any reason.

Free Plan

  • Limit of 10 simulations.

  • Standard resolution simulation results.

  • New simulations go to the back of the queue.

Standard Plan
$60 per month

  • Unlimited simulations.

  • Higher resolution simulation results.

  • New simulations go to the front of the queue.

  • Individual support from our team of engineers.

Enterprise Plan

  • Strong data security guarantees and unlimited simulation concurrency and resolution.

  • API access and support for automated simulation processing.

  • Custom simulation scenarios and consultation with our team of engineers.

  • Advanced material models, such as spatially-varying and orthotropic.

  • Contact us for your enterprise needs.

Academic + Open-Source Plan

  • Same benefits as the Standard plan for free.

  • Must be an academic, educational, or open-source project.

  • Simply sign up with a ".edu" email for unlimited simulations. Contact us for educational materials if you want to use our software in the classroom or for an open-source project.